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"A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness: Spiritual Terrorism"


"A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness: Spiritual Terrorism" is a Christian-Drama-Fiction.  This 91 pages text is a satire that mirrors the various vices that pervades the earth today.  It delves fluidly into contemporary international politics as well as the religious inadequacies of Christian leaders and their followers.


This drama fiction has a spiritual setting.  Satan leads his five closest associates in a board room dialogue held to examine their ceaseless assault on Christians and the circular world.  Although it has 10 main characters, there are several hundreds non-interactive characters in this short drama.    Various principalities give feed backs to Satan on their activities on earth.  He is dissatisfied with the level of implementation of his devious stratagems.  There is an urgency in his tone as he threatens them with punishment for failure to destroy the Christians.

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