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There! A Biblical Chronicle - by David C. Cook III and Lois Blaschak (Jenny Wren) -- $ 12.95
Author Africa 2008
Author Africa 2008 - Best of Author-me.com Stories for 2007. -- $ 15.98
Author Africa 2007
Author Africa 2007 - fiction writings by African authors - edited by Winona Rasheed -- $ 15.95
Author Africa 2006 -- $ 9.95
Author Africa: Fictiion Stories 2005 -- $ 10.00
Times and Seasons
Times and Seasons, by Dipita Kwa -- $ 15.98
Reaching An Loc
Reaching An Loc - by Alfredo G. Herrera -- $ 12.95
Old G.I.s
Old G.I.s and Sleeping Dragons, by Sgt. Doug Francescon -- $ 16.00
The Bone of my Heart
The Bone of My Heart, by Oryem Onguti Loguca (Sudan) -- $ 9.96
Nomad Book -- $ 10.00