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ISBN 0-9726996-1-9

Nomad: A Refugee Poet, paperback by Rais Neza Boneza

“Leave or Die,” he was told. Driven from home by the authorities in République Démocratique du Congo, Rais Boneza escaped with his family and thousands of other dispossessed people. He shuffled from one neighboring country to the next: Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda. Border guards purloined his writings. Arriving in Uganda he wrote again, creating Nomad, a precious collection of his hopes, dreams, and an outcry for the conditions he sees in the land he loves. Read his verses and experience the hidden misery faced by a refugee in a land of political strife, bloodshed, and yet – a brilliant promise.

64-page paperback from Cook Communication, ISBN 0-9726996-1-9
LC# 2003111058

(Ships from Norway.)

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