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Avoid expensive task management systems (and configuration-laced standard task entry systems) with this Excel app which manages up to 5 task-type forms company users can submit via Intranet. Manager (or workers) can use this app as a standalone or network-placed tool which will integrate and display the five task forms in summary view in time order, with new items clearly marked. Control dashboard displays several views with access to full info, and a system that allows one-button assignment of a task (with form details) via e-mail. Counts monthly tasks and number of tasks by individual worker. Once a task enters the system, anyone (or just the manager) can enter "Assigned", "Completed," "Open" and/or other categories next to the name of the task owner, which can be changed during execution if necessary. Backup systems include optional e-mail notification of each task and stored files on the Intranet server. Also provides for up to ten separate forms and data viewing areas of specialized requests which go to one work area. Call 312-859-8090 for details. Requires ongoing maintenance contract.